Mind. Blown. 


I’m sitting here by the beach, wind blowing in my hair, sun sparkling on the ocean, dolphins swimming through the water. It’s so beautiful. I feel my sunburn and think about how powerful the sun is even from so far away. A dolphin jumps through the air and I think about how beautifully made she is. I see the water in front of me extending far beyond the horizon and I think about how big God is. Everywhere I look, there is evidence of how amazing God is. It all just blows my mind. 

I can’t believe I used to hate being at the beach. I just needed my eyes to be opened, the truth to be washed over me like a wave crashing over the sand. I am so grateful that I even have the opportunity to come and spend time here. I’m glad I have the time that I have.




One thought on “Mind. Blown. 

  1. Marianne April 6, 2015 / 1:28 am

    Nice writing! Hope you never cease to be amazed by God’s amazing creation


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