Interview With Aria – Behind The Business Life

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Being a business owner is always a bit difficult so to find out more behind the business life, I’ve invited Aria from A Girl And A Cat to chat with me. Aria is the mind behind her business, A Girl and A Cat, and the writer behind her blog, Purrfectly Inspired. She is creative, motivated and super sweet. I am happy to have gotten to know her. 

L: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for me. :) Tell me a little bit more about your business. How did your business start off and how did you come up with the idea?

A: Well, I’ve always been an entrepreneur. I must get it from my parents. Really, since I was seven or eight, I’ve had a business. Successful or not is quite a different question. In February of 2014, my card business, Connections was really going down the hatch. The quality of my cards was absolutely awful. Because I really didn’t want to give up having a business, and because I loved crafting, my momma contacted a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator who came and for over a year, gave me private crafting lessons. After less than a month of the weekly lessons, we decided to make a bunch of products to sell at a craft show – which led to A Girl and a Cat. We needed a website that we could hand out to people at the craft show, for them to go and purrrrrchase more. At that point, my very darling Luvems was the only cat around, and so we named it, A Girl and a Cat. It later turned into a real business, not just a website where they could purrrrrchase more products.

L: How do you balance school work and business work?

A: That’s pretty hard! However, it helps that I’m homeschooled. Because I’m homeschooled, I can wake up early and get most, if not all of my schoolwork done before noon. After that is when I work on business work. My dad helps a lot as well – in fact, he designed my entire website and took all of the pictures!

L: What is the biggest challenge that comes with running a business?

A: Definitely marketing. It’s very hard to get my business “out there” and to the right people.

L: In your about page for the A Girl and a Cat on your blog, you mentioned winning a corporate account with your orthodontist. Could you tell us a little bit more about that?

A: Yes! So, about a year ago, I was trying to figure out how I could sell more products. One of my loyal fans suggested that we ask my orthodontist about my lip balms. In the area that we live, “healthy” and “natural” is pretty big. The orthodontist always gives out lip balms to the patients, and because healthy options are big in our area, I thought it might just work. So after proposing the subject and getting things figured out, I custom-made a hundred lip balms with the orthodontist logo on them. It was a fun process and I’d love to do it again. (However, labelling a hundred lip balms can be a task.)

L: Is there anything you want to say to those who are starting or have just started a business?

A: Always remember that you have something special. What makes you different from other vendors? People aren’t going to buy your product if they can get it cheaper somewhere else. This doesn’t mean to lower your prices. It means that you have to put what is special about your products out there. And…once you start, don’t get discouraged. You won’t make a lot of money at first. I didn’t! It’s a long process, but it can be a fun one as well.

L: Thanks again to Aria for letting me interview her! If you want to learn more about A Girl And A Cat, click here, and here to learn more about Purrfectly Inspired.

If any of you would like to guest post or collaborate, email me at! I’d love to have you!

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